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On a bright Sunday morning,
sixteen years gone by.
A little angel must have
fallen from the sky.
Coz, what lay in the crib
and smiled back at me
Could only be someone who’s
origins were heavenly.

You were God’s gift for
your mum, brother and me.
The perfect completion to
our dream family.
But you were much more
than a final puzzle part.
You’re my baby, my princess
a piece of my heart.

From toddler to ballerina
in barley a blink.
You’re graceful and beautiful
and still you can think.
You look like your mum and
you sound just like me.
An exciting, but dangerous
character recipe.

Your future awaits you
without any limit.
And I am so proud to
be a contributor in it.
So with this ring, I declare
so everyone knows.
I am the man in your life till another - propose

A card that my dad gave to me on my 16th birthday…

with a beautiful ring.

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Justin’s baby
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Justin’s baby


I Love my little Freckle
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I Love my little Freckle

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